AGM Minutes

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Dunkeld and Birnam Angling Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting on

Thursday, 27th November 2014 in the Birnam Institute



1.       President’s Address and Welcome.


The President opened the meeting by welcoming the 30  members present. He then delivered his address:

Outings/Competitions: Only loch outings were held this year and had not been well attended , with poor catches, due , in part to the weather. A new Competition/Outings secretary is keen to improve matters.

Balhomish: The loch fished well again with average sizes of fish continuing to be good. Weed had been cut with a hired electric cutter and this will continue until the newly introduced Grass Carp grow in size. The President had noticed a lot more insect activity which may be promoted by weed growth and this will continue to be monitored. He asked that members make sure that they are paying the correct prices for permits as Balhomish runs at a loss – approx. £1400 this year.

Salmon: Numbers were down to only 12 this year, a considerable drop, This was partly due to conditions and seemed to be duplicated on other beat in the River Tay system.

Membership: This continued to be healthy with just over 400 members. There were 28 names on the salmon waiting list. The Associations continues to try and involve more Junior members with outings and coaching.

Opening of 2015 Salmon Season: The President had attended a meeting regarding this at Dunkeld Hilton. DBAA continues to be involved in this even in support of the community and to promote Dunkeld and Birnam. The short list of celebrities to perform the opening ceremony is not contentious this year and includes Paul Young, Elaine C. Smith(her husband is a member of the Association), Nick Nairn, Lorraine Kelly etc.


2.       Apologies for Absence

There were apologies from P. Clark, I .Jones, T. Carr, S. Mannion, A. Thompson, R. Simpson, G. Rattray, G. McCluskey, D. Gray, F. Reilly


3.       Approval of Minutes of 2013 AGM


This was proposed by D. Winn & seconded by I. McLaren


4.       Matters Arising


There were no matters arising from the last AGM


5.       Statement of Accounts & Treasurers Report

As the Treasurer is standing down this year the President paid tribute to all the work she had put into making the accounts accurate and easily understandable over the 4 years and said that she will be a hard act to follow! A presentation was then made to her.

The Treasurer then went through the annual accounts, noting that the Association finished the year in good heart with reserves of £32737.09 compared with reserves last year of £30274.65. In particular there was a £700 increase in the sale of permits over the year.



6.       Secretary`s Report

Membership was down to 409 with 40 new members joining. The salmon waiting list stands at 28. Regarding the lack of interest shown by Juniors in outings the committee has been working with John Hood, Development Manager of Tayside and Fife Sports Partnership who is promoting angling in schools and youth organisations.


Fishing returns were down to 60% of the membership although a considerable number had been received after October 31st! A template will be put on the website for those who mislay card.



Trout returns received show that the River Tay produced 598 fish with only 40 kept – an increase in return numbers to 93.3%

 .Members were complimented on their respect for conservation. However fish were small with the top weight being 2lb.

River Braan returns were up again to 314 with 91.5% being returned. Again sizes were small with the heaviest being under 2lb.


There were 48 Grayling caught with 95.8% being returned.


Balhomish Loch was well stocked as usual and some 5lb+ fish were caught but the majority were around the 1lb+ mark. 314 fish were caught with a return rate of 91.5% - again an increase on last year.




Numbers were considerably down on last year – to 12!! All were returned and no sea trout were caught


These are to remain the same as last year and must be paid by 15 February 2015 at the latest . Thanks were given to those members who had provided their e-mail addresses to alleviate in some measure the high cost of postage. It was pointed out that to send all the communications over the year required at least 5 envelopes and, while there is no desire at all to force members on line, some consideration has to be given to solutions to this expenditure. Information is also available on the DBAA website – – and is updated fairly regularly.


7.    Election of Office Bearers


The President was re- elected unopposed. Proposer – P. Greig;Seconder – I. McLaren

The Vice-President was re-elected unopposed. Proposer – R. Speirs; Seconder – R. Paton

The Secretary was re-elected unopposed. Proposer – D. Winn;Seconder – I. McLaren

As the Treasurer was not standing for re-election. D. Peacock was put forward to stand and was elected unopposed. Proposer – R. Speirs; Seconder – P. Parnham

A nomination for the post of Competition Secretary was put forward and G. Rattray was elected unopposed. Proposer – D. Winn; Seconder – R. Speirs.

The committee of D. Winn, R. Simpson, E. Alcorn and N. Large was re-elected en bloc. Proposer – I. McLaren;Seconder – Bill Petrie

8.   Appointment of Auditor :


David Gray, C.A. elected to continue as Auditor.


9.  Subscriptions & Day Ticket Fees


As mentioned by the Secretary it had been agreed that there would be no change to subscriptions or to day ticket fees.


Ordinary & Country Member                                                                                        £20.00

Seniors                                                                                                                               £10.00

Juniors                                                                                                                                £  5.00

Salmon Members                                                                                                            £90.00




10.   Trophy Presentations :

These were presented by the President:

Heaviest Trout : Andy Thompson/Douglas Foote – 2lb on River Tay

Heaviest Salmon: Dave Winn – 14.5lb

Loch Champion: Andy Thompson

River Champion: No competition this year

Junior Champion: No competition this year.


11.   Other Competent Business:

11.1Wild Fisheries Review: The President and A. Ayre, on behalf of SANA, had attended meetings, which, though billed as consultations, were by invitation only! The aim  of the review is “To develop and promote a modern evidence-based management system for wild fisheries fit for purpose in the 21st century and capable of responding to the changing environment”. Fifty-three recommendations were being put forward to the Minister for Environment and Culture as he will make the final decisions next year. There was wide-ranging discussion on this review which had seemed to focus principally on salmon (though not salmon farming!) and it was felt that the panel hearing representations had virtually  no experience of the angling industry. Rod licences are likely to be introduced and doubt was raised as to how policing of these would be carried out. The District Salmon Boards are likely to be replaced by Fisheries Management Units answerable to a National Unit. The Vice-President, who is on the Tay Liaison Committee, said it was hoped Protection Orders would continue – at present Liaison Committees collect levies to continue these and, in effect, do this for the government. The V-P said there did not seem to be any finance available to pay for any proposed changes. There were also fears expressed that proposed changes could lead again to busloads of anglers descending on lochs and rivers. In the end only conjectures can be made and anglers will have to wait for the Minister’s response in 2015.

11.2 Dalreoch/River Braan: The President outlined the alleged incidents at Dalreoch and said that the matter had been handed over to Scone Estates who had sent a lawyer’s letter to the owner of Dalreoch( who only leases land bordering the riverbank from the Estate) warning him against any aggressive behaviour. Members can fish there but were advised to park very carefully in the designated spaces and to make sure they crossed as little land as possible to access the riverbank. There is continuing use of the Braan by white-water rafters on 3.5 days per week and they do disrupt fishing to some extent. A. Ayre said that SNH and SANA are corresponding re problems. The President said that he had heard of plans to build a bunkhouse at Dalreoch which might lead to further canoeing on the river. The general feeling was that it was rather unfair that canoeists have carte blanche to do as they wish while DBAA pays for a lease to allow anglers to fish there.

11.3 Grayling: A. Ayre raised the question of falling grayling numbers. SANA had sent out a survey to assess the number of cormorants but had had a poor response. However, the Vice-President said our waters never produced good numbers of grayling.


There being no further business the President then closed the meeting.




Next AGM   Thursday 26  November 2015 at 7.30pm  in the Birnam Institute




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