Butterstone Loch

Available to DBAA members and accompanied guests only.

The committee would request that all members carefully read the information below to aid in the smooth running of this water. 

As for all DBAA water, it is strongly recommended that anglers have their own personal insurance to cover themselves whilst partaking in angling activities


Bookings through the Birnam Village shop on 01350 727 395

Charges are as follows:


Weekday (Mon – Fri)

Weekend (Sat & Sun)


Day 10am – 5pm

*Evening 6pm -10pm

Day 10am – 5pm

*Evening 6pm -10pm

1 Man Boat





2 Man Boat





*Evening sessions run from 20th May – 19th August

  • There will be 10, 2-man boats per day available for use  and boats may be booked in advance through the Birnam Village shop on 01350 727 395.
  • Members MUST pay for, and obtain your permit to fish from, the Birnam Village shop prior to undertaking any fishing. 
  • NB: Cancellation of boat booking may be made up to 1 week prior to date of booking. Thereafter a charge of £15 will be required.



1.     DBAA Membership Card MUST be produced when obtaining permit from shop.

2.     There are no toilet facilities on site and there is NO ACCESS to the lodge or its facilities

3.     Parking at designated area only (first car park on right before bridge) - no cars beyond this point.

4.     Fly fishing from boat only using conventional fly rod, reel, line and artificial fly. (NO TROLLING)

5.     No use of own drogues, nets, bass bags or outboards. Only use equipment supplied by DBAA.

6.     Strict maximum of 3 fish taken per rod. Minimum takeable size 11 inches. Barbless hooks to be used for catch and release. ( Please use restraint & only kill fish you intend to eat )

7.     Returns must be entered on the reverse of permit and placed in returns box at harbour.

8.     Any Brown Trout & Pike to be returned unharmed

9.     Members MUST stick to boat No. as allocated on your permit. If the motor or battery fails, use oars to end of session.

10.  The charging cable must remain secured to the battery under the seat at all times (this is why it is taped in position).

11.  Before fishing, remove the charging cable from the charging station on the dock and store the cable carefully in the boat in the plastic box provided to avoid damage and prevent the end of the cable getting wet. 

12.  Members must ensure the end of the charging cable remains dry and not left sitting in the bottom of the boat.

13.  At the end of fishing session, please carefully plug the charger into the charging station on the dock.

14.  Boats must be secured to the harbour at the end of the session. Please ensure boats are docked at relevant dock number (i.e. Boat 5 opposite No.5 on dock)

15.  At end of session, the boat must be thoroughly cleaned out and washed down with brush/baler and water/dirty water to be bailed out.

16.  Only 1 guest allowed per outing. Guests must be accompanied at all times. Members are fully responsible for conduct of guests

17.  Maximum of 2 persons allowed in a boat. Plus 1 junior.

18.  No Litter, Fires, dogs or camping

19.  Membership card, permit & any fish taken must be produced at the request of authorised personnel.

20.  Any incidents of pollution or suspicious behaviours must be reported immediately to the appropriate bodies / dunkeldangling@gmail.com.

21.  Cancellation may be made up to 1 week prior to date of booking. Thereafter a charge of £15 will be required.

22.  Please do not kill fish you do not intend to eat.

Any issues regarding the equipment (boat, motor, batteries etc) MUST be emailed immediately to dunkeldangling@gmail.com or leave a message on 07761 260 371

This is OUR fishery & not a commercial operation. If we all pull together in observing the rules & “playing the game” we can make this by far the best Rainbow Trout fishery in the country

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