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Dunkeld and Birnam Angling Association
Competition Rules Lochs and Rivers
Trout and Grayling
Final Draft Feb 2012
  1. All competitions are to be fished by rod and line, and artificial flies only.
  2. Starting times of competitions will be advised on the Membership Cards and members must report to the official in charge prior to the start of the competition and to clarify local and fishery rules.
  3. The winner of the competition will be the angler(s) with the heaviest basket of fish. In the event of a tie the angler who has caught the most fish is the winner.
  4. The wearing of a buoyancy aid or life preserver is compulsory.
River Competitions.
  1. Competitors are to meet at the chestnut tree at Willowbank, Birnam 15 minutes prior to the start of the competition.
  2. The weigh-in will take place at the start point at 4 p.m. or as advised by the official at the start of the competition.
  3. Each competitor can weigh in up to two brown trout or grayling over 10 inches nose to tip of the tail.
Loch competition
  1. Entry into loch competitions must be made to the Competition Secretary 10 days before the date of the competition. Boats booked will depend on the entry. Once an entry is received the cost of the boat may be charged for unless 5 days notice is given.  
  2. The start time is advised on Membership Cards and anglers should arrive at least twenty minutes in advance of the start of the competition, report to the organising official to be advised of the fishery rules and catch limits. Arrangements for the weigh-in will be advised on the day.
  3. A competitor may use only one rod at a time, maximum length 12 feet. He may have a spare rod (length as before) in the boat with him but it must not be mounted. A rod is considered mounted if any two sections are joined or a reel is fitted.
  4. Individual fish caught will be capped at 4 lbs but will still count towards the heaviest fish.
  5. Subject to local rules, when anglers catch the bag limit they may continue to fish strictly on a catch and release basis. No credit will be given for fish caught beyond the limit.
Scoring system – Loch and River Competitions.
  1. In any competition the first placed angler will receive ten points, the second placed nine points and so on in respect of all anglers who catch and weigh in fish, up to the first ten places. All other competitors receive no points. The angler with the highest number of points wins the competition.
  2. Qualification for the Loch and River Championship and to represent the Association in Scottish National Competitions is over any two competitions held on lochs and two competitions held on rivers in a season. The angler with the highest number of points on any two loch competitions is the Loch Champion and the angler with the highest number of points in any two river competitions is the River Champion. 
  3. Loch and River Champions, the runners-up and the third placed anglers over two competitions will be eligible for consideration by the Committee of Management for entry into the national championships the following season.
Anglers in a competition are to fish in a courteous and considerate manner and give due regard to other anglers, wild life and the environment. Failure to observe these rules and recommendations could lead to disqualification from the competition and a report being made to the Committee of Management of the Association. 
Anglers who consider that there has been a breach of the competition rules must report the matter to the official in charge of the competition within fifteen minutes of the end of the competition.
Draft dated 11th February, 2012.
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